What to do between classes: 10 tips

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Today for the blog post I’m sharing with you what I used to do when I had a gap between my classes. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the schedule they want. For me, a good schedule would be one that had all my classes in line, without gaps. Unfortunately, the great system that we used to make our schedules, was amazing to the point of crashing in the process. That means that making our schedule was a lucky shot, and I ended up having long gaps between my classes.

So, what can you do between classes? I’m going to show you how to make the best out of that situation. Here’s the list to give you some ideas:

  1. Grab a snack: The first thing I usually did. Grab a coffee, eat a snack, so you can move on to the next step, which is:

  2. Do you homework/readings/assignments. Although sometimes I wasn’t in the mood for it, I always made my work between my classes. If you do this, when you get home, you will thank your past self for that brilliant idea. 

  3. Revise your notes. Especially if you just had that class you have to revise. Your memory will be fresh and your notes will be more complete. Which lead us to the step 4:

  4. Take a nap. You’re a college student. You are allowed to take a nap whenever you want. Also, being a college student comes with the privilege of being accepted in public dressed in your pajamas, so take this opportunity to live life at its fullest.

  5. Read, If you are a bookworm like me, you always carry a book in your bag. Why not read it until the next class? Speaking of books, here is the 6 tip:

  6. Visit the library and grab some books. You know those books you need to read so you can complement what you learned from your teacher? Grab them. Your grades will slightly increase if you turn that little effort into a habit.

  7. Write on your blog/journal. It will help you relax and face the next class with motivation.

  8. Sign up and do a free online course. If you like to learn without the pressure of exams and deadlines, why not sign up and do a e-learning course? I recommend Future Learn, a site with free online courses from universities all around the globe.

  9. Attend office hours. After this habit is created, you will notice the difference it will make in your grades. Even if you are afraid of a professor (we all go through that situation) swallow your fear and face it! Besides understanding the lectures better, you will be investing in a relation with someone superior than you, that can help you going through hell your college life.

  10. Give tuitions. Are you a top wizard in some of your classes? Do you know how to explain the process of the respiratory system like no one else? Use that power to explain it to others, and you can even gain some money with it. 

You can keep the boredom away and advance work between classes, so when you get home you will have more free time. There are a lot of things you can also do, if you live near the campus; you can go take care of that laundry you are trying to forget it exists; you can go to your campus gym; and, if your university has a system that offers campus jobs to students, go for it! You will meet new experiences and new people.

Enjoy your time between classes, and end every day feeling accomplished!


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