Meet Piggy, my guinea pig pet

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Meet my pet: we call her “Piggs”

Meet my pet: a 5-year-old guinea pig. She’s very active, loves to run outside, does popcorning on a daily basis and likes to eat expensive carrots (not that carrots that you find on the neighboorhood’s supermarket). She’s very curious and likes to sleep on my arm. She stalks people – she’s very social!

For me, she’s a mini dog. She responds to her name and knows who her owner is. She even went to college with me! She’s well trained; she can run around the house, when she wants to poop she goes to her cage or the backyard.

She’s a  little ball of sassy fur, and I lover her so much!

So what about you, do you have pets? What are they like? Share with us!

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