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Ever since I started to work on a company, my sense of style changed.

We aren’t talking about a big change; no. We are talking about getting dressed in a more formal way, without losing sense of the comfortable (those who know me well know I won’t dress anything that’s not comfy) and “chic” ideas. 

The first thing I did was to clean my wardrobe – and that is a theme for another post – and I made a quick and easy selection off my clothes. I put away some clothes that were in my wardrobe for sentimental reasons, dresses that fit me well but made me look like a teen, coats I used every 2 years… I ended up with a lot of bags full of clothes I didn’t know it existed.

After that process (which took me a whole day) I ended up with 3 pair of trousers, 4 blouses, 4 coats, at least 5 dresses and some boots and shoes.

All that I own is comfortable, and it takes me less than a minute to choose what I want to wear for that day. Those “I have nothing to wear” moments passed, and I usually start the day in a more confident way.

I made a selection of some quick and comfortable outfits that will make you look good and professional at the office; my clothes are usually black, blue and brown:

In this first outfit, I selected a simple blouse paired with black trousers and a comfy pair of loafers. Blouses are the secret item on my wardrobe: They look good with anything. Pair it with a matching ring and you are good to go! 

Next, the brown shade. I don’t really like brown. But it’s a colour that fits me well so I have a lot of it in my clothing selection. The only thing I really like in this colour is a pair of boots – similar to those we see in the pic – and I usually style it with a dress and a long coat. 

Remember what I said about blouses? It looks good with anything – even a denim skirt. (I recommend having a denim black skirt as an essential on the wardrobe, you can style it and be more formal or more relaxed, you just have to choose the right accessories). Pair it with some shoes or boots and you are ready to go!


These are the top 3 styles that I think it fits the office mood. It not only looks good, but it’s comfortable as well. What do you think of these styles? What kind of clothes you use on your job?

See you in the next post,



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