Why I started a personal journal

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A few weeks ago I started to write a personal journal.

The idea of writing a bullet journal has been on my mind for more than a year. However, I always end up buying the same type of planner (a Mr.Wonderfull one) so I push the bujo idea into the back of my mind. However, my current planner don’t allow me to be totally free and personal, so I decided to stick with the idea of writing not a bullet, but a personal journal.

I went to a local store and bought a small notebook. I adapted it, to look more personal – I added a string so it can close better. (It’s not protected against pry eyes, but I have my own eye on it, so it’s secure.)
my journal


I had a strong reason to start writing every single thought that crosses my mind. I’m reserved by nature; I’m chatty, but I don’t like to talk much about real life. By “real life” I mean that I don’t talk in an open way about what I’m thinking, about my plans for the future or about personal stuff. That makes me overthink too much, and that makes me a real asshole for those around me. There was a time I wasn’t me, I didn’t feel like me, I was a shitty person at my own eyes. Having a degree and working a job I liked, aligned with volunteering and a first aid course that made me help thousands of people (I worked as a lifeguard at a water park) didn’t made me a modest person, although at that time I thought I was. I now realize that it’s no one’s fault but mine, and I regret a lot of things I did and said, especially to my family. Regret, for me, is the worst feeling in life. All of this made me stop for a minute (shoutout to those who got the David Fonseca’s reference) and think that this wasn’t the way I wanted to live.

So I decided to start – and keep! – a personal journal. I am really glad I did that! I write about everything – hopes, goals, fears, accomplishments, random stuff, parts of my day I want to remember , lessons I learned, and especially, gratitude. I’ve been interested in gratitude journals for awhile, but never knew how to start. The key here is to be myself; spontaneous, messy, It’s my journal and it should reflect me. I write about what I want, when I want, the way I want, and it makes me feel free. It makes me stop and wonder about my life and my personality; I don’t want to be an asshole as I was, so I keep my mind “de-cluttered” and at the same time I practice to be a better and positive person.

I can honestly say that I feel way more happy and less moody. I am practicing to start to appreciate the little things in life, appreciate people, not criticise them. I don’t want to criticise others people decisions and acts, but instead try to comprehend why they are acting like that. I am trying to have more patience and see by the eyes of the other person.

I have a lot to write and a lot to learn in my life. I’m getting better and better; I don’t feel like that my mind is frenzy, negative and anxious like it was a while back. I feel free; and I never though a piece of paper and a pen could do so much for me.

If you are thinking about starting a journal, I strongly recommend you to do it. You can’t be afraid to start, or worry that it won’t be clean and minimalist and cute like those we see on Pinterest. It’s your journal, so it’s supposed to reflect what you are feeling. Make it 100% yours! Although it doesn’t hurt to look and get inspired by these neat images…


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So what about you, did you ever wrote one of these? Share your story and journal tips in the comments below!



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