Simple and easy ways to be more productive at work

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Did you ever ended up your working day thinking you did absolutely nothing you were supposed to do, feeling guilty afterwards?

This is why it’s important to start working with your right foot. You have two choices: either you work more hours to get things done, or you work smarter. I prefer this one, establishing tasks to start my day in a good mood. By working smarter, at the end of the day, I will feel lighter and with the sense of productivity on my mind. However, if I work without motivation or a guideline, not only will I feel bad for not acomplishing what I needed to, but also will have to spend more hours to do it afterwards. “My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.” Francine Jay

How can you make the best of your work day and be productive? It just takes a little action in your daily life. Here’s how:

  • Plan your outfit and breakfast. “I have two bowls of confidence for breakfast each morning.” (Eric Bristow) Having an idea in your head helps you concentrate and be more active in an atempt to recreate it. Planning your outfit and breakfast the night prior will make you get out off the bed as soon as the alarm rings! Planning these little details is one of the best ways to show the world that you care about something. Knowing your outfit is on pointe while you had a healthy stress-free breaksfast will increase your changes to get more done.

  • Get up early. For many people, this is a real challenge. But getting up early and get ready with a lot of time ahead of you will make you more positive throughout the day. After all, no one works 100% well knowing that the hair is a mess because there was no time to style it. Embrace your morning hours!

  • Grab something to drink. My weapon of choice is a strong warm coffee. Having a coffe or a tea by your side while you write some emails is a wonderful feeling. Grab a hot drink to warm your stomach and soul while you organize that pile of paper that needs to be worked on.

  • Write down goals. Goals are the best way to keep track of what it needs to be done asap – write them, prioritize them, and if there’s one thing that you dread to do (that annoying phone call) start by that. Your day will be much more productive! Knowing you did the hardest of all the tasks first will boost your confidence. “Goals transform a random walk into a chase.” Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

  • Keep a work journal. Keeping a journal can make you stronger, acording to science. A journal “is good for your mental health, as it helps you process events, vent out emotions, sharpen your mind and even drives creativity.” So, keep a work journal to increase your productivity. Write down how your day went; lessons learned, accomplishments, feelings, fears… It will help you remember those little things that made you feel good when the thought of having a bad day pops up while you are at your desk. You can read more about the importance of keeping a journal and why I decided to do it here.

When you feel you are loosing your grip in productivity, take a step back and think of little actions in your daily life that you can modify and improve to make you more motivated at work. Think smarter!

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What do you do to increase your productivity at work? Do you have a secret weapon trick? Share your tips below!

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