I went to Disneyland by myself and had the best day of my life

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A few months ago my partner in crime called me and told me we were going to Paris. So of course that meant “Disneyland”.

I’ve been there a few years ago and I was dying to go again. So the opportunity appeared and I didn’t even think twice about it.
Disneyland entrance

There are a lot of things to experience in Paris, but the thought of going again to Disneyland was haunting me (in a good way, of course). That’s why I told my friends who were going with me that we had to go to Disneyland. Well, one of them never went to Paris and wanted to see every museum, while the other lived there for a year and went to Disney a lot of times (I don’t know how you can put “Disney” and “went a lot of times” on the same quote, but bear with me).

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Obviously I’m not a person to pass these opportunities in life, so without a second though I bought a ticket and went alone. (Having anxiety by my side in a daily basis since I was young, this was something that made me get off my shell. 2 Years ago I wouldn’t be able to do this, but I’ve improved so much my anxiety – you can read how I control it here – that I didn’t even thought twice about buying the ticket and go alone.)

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I decided to go full-experience: not only did I bought a ticket to the parks, I also bought a ticket to go there in their bus. All of this is an excellent formula and I can honestly say I was prepared to have the best day ever.

But it wasn’t just the best day ever; it was more than I can explain. It’s a combination of the bests day ever I had! Even the ride in their bus was magical (It took us 45 minutes from Chatelêt to the Park) and as soon as it parked, I was anxiously waiting for the door to open so I could go to my magical place.

As I was walking to the entrance of the park (if you go by bus you have a 5 minute walk until the real entrance) I saw a lot of people but no one alone as me. I was in doubt how the single rider pass worked, and if I would be able to use it, since I only discovered that a few days back then.

After passing the security and the ticket I was looking and taking pictures (with my instax 9) to every corner there was. Until I remembered that I had to be careful with my camera and I was afraid of loosing to much time taking photos, instead of enjoying it (that’s why I don’t have many pictures). I had a plan (starting from the back of the parks to the entrance, so I wouldn’t spent a lot of time in lines) but I decided to see how the single rider worked, and let me tell you, I went through almost every ride at Disneyland and still had time to relax in the benches, eat, go shopping, and even ride the “Le Carrousel de Lancelot” which is that giant carrousel that the only thing that does is spinning and going up and down for 2 minutes.

Then I decided to go lunch a bit sooner than the normal, so I wouldn’t be waiting too long for my food (which happened anyway) and so I could go to more rides and shopping without being in lines. I went to eat at Earl of Sandwich, and what a delicious meals it was! Although the other time I went to Disney, I ate at Hakuna Matata restaurant, which was better, but still the sandwich I ate was delicious.

After that I went shopping and head over to the rides again. I spent the whole day walking through the park, getting on and off rides, eating popcorn, cotton candy, waffles, caramelized apples, talking to people, embracing some characters, and so on.

I can honestly say that I had the best day ever. I allowed myself – for the first time – to relax and don’t think about things in general (I have a very anxious mind) and got loose and care-free. I have never had a day like that in my whole life! I didn’t even knew it was possible to get so much fun living with a mind like mine. Before I headed out to the bus, I went to a coffee shop and ate a croquet monsieur with a cappuccino. I ate it while I observed people passing by, and the atmosphere in general. I remember thinking “this truly is the happiest place on earth” and noticed that it was the only place I could forget everyone and everything without even trying and enjoy myself.

For me, going to the Disneyland all my myself was an experience I truly want to do again. It made me forget my worries and fears – after all I went all by myself in a bus in a foreign country – and that’s something I will never forget. I went to almost every ride (and I rode Pirates of the Caribbean 5 times) and felt happy and free. Since I had the opportunity to do this and also went to the Disney with some friends a few years ago, I can honestly say that, although every moment in both visits was magic, this last one was something that I needed – to have fun all by myself and let my worries fly, without having someone to talk and take pictures and follow and try the rides. It was just a “me-day” day, and I will never forget how much fun I had.

 What about you, have you ever been to a Disney park or would you like to? What’s your experience? Share with us in the comments!

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