How to get up early when you’re not a morning person

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Do you need some morning inspiration? For years I’ve been struggling with my love/hate relationship with mornings.

I love mornings, but the whole thing – get up early and be productive – wasn’t for me, especially in winter. Although I hated the feeling of wasting my morning hours sleeping, or the feeling of being late for work, my lazyness and my warm bed always pulled me back and I usually get out of the house with a toast on my hand while getting angry with myself for being late.

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There were a lot of times when I decided to stop living like that and decided to set up my alarm for 7am – just to press snooze after snooze. I needed motivation, and I needed and eye-opener to stick with the acomplishment of that goal.

So I got a pen and my planner and decided to make a plan to help myself. I established goals and that helped me to achieve the mornings I idealized.

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  • Drink water.  I went on a savage search about the benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning (now you don’t need to search for it, you’re welcome) and the conclusion I got at was that lemon water is the best thing to drink in the morning. Put it on your bedside table and drink it as soon as you wake up. Not only it’s good (for me, at least, I love every thing lemon related) it will help you to wake up fully.


  • Prepare you day the night before. This includes clothes, your work bag, and even your car. This will give you a clear head and you won’t loose your morning precisous hours searching for the perfect outfit for the day.


  • Eat! As someone who wasn’t used to eat breaksfast, I now get annoyed if I don’t eat it at the table. I don’t want to skip my breaksfast or eat it fast. This got so important to me that I can say that I get excited the night before while I think about my next breakfast. How happy we can be with such little things, right?


  • Dog-owners, think about your dog. I want to wake up early so I can play and take Zoey, my dog, for a walk. She will spend some hours without seeing me, and that makes me feel guilty (I have to work hard so my dog can have a better life). And that happy face she has whenever we spend an hour together before I head out to work, makes waking up early totally worth it.


  • Treat yourself. Do something you love before starting your work day. It may be yoga, coloring, reading, something that will make you grateful about getting out of the bed early.

I’m still getting used to all of this “get up early and be productive and happy” things, but I am making a great effort to stick with my plan. It gets easier as the time passes by.

If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle, I truly think you should start by developing a routine in the morning. If you suffer from anxiety, this simple change will help you to have your mind at rest. I speak from experience! And if I’m doing this, and until now it’s been a sucess, I’m sure you can do it too.

So what about you, do you have a morning routine? What do you usually do? Do you have any tip to help us with our own routines? Share in the comments down below!

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