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Hi all!

I’ve been a fan of subscription and surprises box for a while now, and since my poor dog went for a surgery a few weeks ago, I decided to look up and see if I could find box full of treats to give it to her. And let me tell you, I wasn’t prepared to find so many subscription boxes for pets!

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I’ve known Barkyn – a portuguese company – for some time, but never used their service. After Zoey’s surgery, I needed to change her diet, to more natural stuff, so their box was the most appropriate I found. I order it (the small box, because Zoey is a little small sneaky fox) on friday at the end of the day, and by monday morning the box was on my hands. (which, I’m not gonna lie, made me a fan).

“My humans got me this so I could forget that they tricked me into going to the vet”

I was so excited to give Zoey her present. That’s how nuts I am for my dog (as all the dog owners out there) and I felt happy I was going to giver her stuff to her to explore, instead of exploring her stitches (It worked!). Also, if your dog is a pain in the ass to feed, feel good to know that Zoey is a very selective dog and only eats specific things, not giving a damn about those yummy treats most dogs seem to enjoy.

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Zoey is a heavy chewer, she destroys every toy or thing that gets in her mouth. So I was surprised they send two bones toy to her – it was like they read my mind!

The first one was a read beef and cheese bone that – I’m not gonna lie – smelled so good! It was (because it doesn’t exist anymore) by the brand K-Nine. This thing disappeared in two days (I only gave her to play with it after dinner) and SHE. LOVED. IT. The other bone toy was by Beco Bone, and I honestly can’t tell what Zoey thinks of it – I didn’t gave it to her yet. I’ll make sure I edit this so you can all know. It’s blue and it smells like vanilla, and by touching it you can feel that it’s good quality and it’s safe for your dog to play with it, which is very important in Zoey’s case since she eats whats she destroys (seriously Barkyn it’s like you read my mind).

EDIT: Zoey LOVES the Beco Bone. I discovered that you can put treats in it and the dog has to chew to get them which is really good, it entertains the dog for hours. Zoey has been torturing this toy for the past 3 days and it’s intact. I’m impressed!!

Moving on to the treats, I found out the treats that are, by far, her favourite. It’s by JR pet products, and it’s these pure rabbit sticks. Zoey loves it! I started to give them to her while I was taking care of her surgical wound. That was a bonus for the two of us: she wouldn’t kick me and cry while I cleaned her stitches, and I would have plenty of time to evaluate and take care of her wound. Win-win situation!

Next, we got some lamb snacks by the brand Alpha Spirit, a brand I was curious to know. (Maybe it’s because I really like wolves?) My dog also enjoy it very much, and I’ve been using it to train her. They are tiny semi-moist snacks, and they are perfect for training.

I’ve been trying to find the perfect type of food to give Zoey. She likes moist food, so I alternate that with the typical dog food. But I wanted to switch to something more natural; luckly, Brakyn sent me different types of food to give Zoey. She loved the duck and rice with vegetables food! It’s made with 100% natural ingredients and it’s by Naturo. I considered putting this into my subscription regularly, but they don’t sell it (guess it comes in different boxes, but they don’t usually have it in store). I recommend every dog owner to give it to their pooch. Since Zoey is a small dog, the package they sent me lasted two meals.

Another food they sent was by a new brand, Essence. It’s a dry meal made with fresh wild boar and lamb. It’s all natural, and it comes with a capsule where it contains soup, which are called flavours, for my understanding. You put the flavour into the dry meal, and your dog will enjoy a yummy meal! Zoey loved it aswell. Not so much as she enjoyed the Naturo food (you have no idea how much she loved this), but pretty close. All of this made me rethink my food choices for her; it’s better to give all natural food, not only she seems to enjoy it more than the “normal” food I usually bought, it also is considered a better option for her well-being.

Last but not least, in the box it also came a little package of shampoo, by the brand Loial. It is also a very important factor for us: as some of you may know, my partner and I are finishing building a house, so we are living in a temporary house at the moment, in the countryside. Zoey is a white dog. White dog + countryside = mess, especially when mud happens. Yep. Zoey doesn’t enjoy bathing; unless it’s in mud. You see my point? I haven’t tried the shampoo yet, since she’s recovering from a surgery, but I have a feeling I will test it the first time we will get out of the house after she’s fully recovered. I’ll update you guys!

“I love taking baths!.. In the mud”

All of this experience with the Barkyn box, and the Barkyn company in general, made me search further and in dept about dog food. I decided to make a subscription in this company, I have a plan and every month I’ll receive dog food in my house. (actually, my work) That means I won’t worry about Zoey’s food; I know that I’ll receive a package of food for her, and I won’t have the need to buy it at some grocery store. Plus, the food is better and it will contribute for my pooch’s well being.

All of this experience was a positive experience that I will, for sure, recommend you to try. Their costumer support is amazing, there is always someone to help you to decide the best food for your dog necessities. I get the feeling that they genuinely care about your dog, and that kind of service nowadays it’s rare.

What about you, have you ever tried some kind of pet box? What do you think of it?

Do you have any dog food tips? Share with us down below!

I’ll see you soon!

(this isn’t an affiliate blog post; it’s genuinely my experience with this service and they deserve it)


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