Why my dog got surgery

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Hello all, today I’m talking about my dog’s surgery.

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It wasn’t a big surgery; in fact, nothing was wrong with her.

I got Zoey from a friend of mine, that was giving pups from the street. I know who her parents are, but she was going to be put to sleep at the local kennel, and I fell in love with her white and brown face. You can’t imagine how much I love my dog. She’s the best companion, it makes us laugh and brings joy into our house.

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She was born 1 May, last year, so she’s not one year old yet.

By November, she had her first heat. And let me tell you, how annoying it was. She bumped into everything, she whined every second of the day, and night, she tried to ran away, well it was a nightmare, as you all know. I never wanted her to have puppies, and I had the intention of spaying her before her first heat, but I didn’t know it happened “so soon” (I thought it happened when dogs are one). So I searched and decided to take her to the vet to be spayed. After 3 months of the first heat, I got her spayed (the heat comes twice a year, 6 months apart).

I truly trust my dog’s vet, and the clinic where she goes is really accessible, so I talked to the vet in a wednesday afternoon and decided to send her to surgery on friday.

No solid food or water after 7am, and by 10am we were at the vet, ready to leave her to be treated. She was fine; she’s a very observant dog, so I think she was curious about that place (although it wasn’t the first time she was there).

After that me and my partner went to work, and then by 6pm we went to get her. She was fine, totally ready to get out off that clinic, in fact, when we put her on the floor she went straight to the door and outside. When we were heading home, I noticed her anaesthesia wasn’t off; she was groggy and not very aware of what the hell was going on. We laugh at the poor dog, I admit. She spend minutes looking at the same spot without moving. She would fall and stare at nothing. I was told she would vomit, and that was normal, but the next morning she was fine! No vomit, no swelling, the only thing she hated was the cone of shame (which she was already familiar with…) and the itching that she couldn’t scratch. She had a hard time moving, and she struggle whenever we took care of the stitches (using betadine and biafine). But then came the Barkyn Box and the treats in it and she was more relaxed.

Since she couldn’t scratch at her stitches, she made a wound in her left side, in a part where she could reach with her teeth and paw. It was a pain in the ass to cure it (we even switched for a bigger cone of shame) but it’s now healing very well, and her fur is growing back.

She had to spend 2 weeks with the cone of shame, but a few days ago I switched it again for the small size, because she stopped scratching at her wounds. Guess what she did hours later?

I’m really glad with all of this experience, altought I felt bad for my dog. But spaying a dog brings many advantages:

  • Improvement of behaviour;

  • No unwanted puppies;

  • No dogs at my door (marking territory and howling)

  • Dogs live longer and healthier lives;

  • No more runaways;

  • No more dirty floors;

  • Reduces cancer chances;

  • Reduces animal overpopulation;

  • Less chances of developing uterine infections;

  • Dogs get easier to train (I’ve been training Zoey and realised that she’s not so distracted)

Spaying my little dog was one of the best decisions I have made. Although the recovery time took long and it was tedious and annoying for her, it was all worth it. I do think that she is a really happy and joyous dog, and the fact that she can be left running in the huge backyard and playing with other dogs without having the risk of having puppies is really good.

So this was how Zoey’s experience with surgery went. Do you have any stories regarding your pet surgery? Share with us down below!

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