The zoo

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Our visit to the zoo.

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A few weekends ago me and my boyfriend spent the weekend away from home, in another city. I wanted to visit the aquarium or the zoo, which was close to where we were. We decided to head out to the zoo, because it was way bigger than the aquarium, and the ticket price was the same.

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It wasn’t the first time I was at that zoo; I went there a few times when I was little, although I didn’t remember much of it.

We saw prairie dogs (and I always thought they were big, but no, they look like squirels) and they were free, so you can reach towards them. I got a few nice shots about a friendly prairie dog.

I didn’t take much photos; although the day started really good, with sun, it started raining a lot.

The highest point of our visit were the lions. They have a really cool tunnel where you can sit and observe the lions, as they go through their natural life. Since it started to rain, everyone gathered at the tunnel and spent the next hour observing their behaviour. Lions are fascinating creatures; in this zoo they have a male and three females, and, although they seem cute, you could observe them right above you and see their fangs whenever they yawn. They. Are. Huge! I was really impressed. No only did we saw the lions’ behaviour, but also had the chance to observe the staff feeding them, while learning about their species. The ones that they have there are asiatics (panthera leo persica), and they are endangered. Watching the lions run against us and jumping above us to catch the food was one of the most exciting and cool experiences I witnessed. You never realise the true power of a lion until you are face to face with one.

We also saw an albino kangaroo; as well as giraffes, bobcats, a snow panther, a tiger, meerkats, tapirs, and a lot of mammals. They looked happy in their habitat and it seemed to me that they were well treated. Each one’s habitat was really immersive, with their natural atmosphere and big.

They also have other type of animals. A lot of snakes, a huge turtle (my favourite because I really like turtles!), parrots and penguins.

One of this Zoo news is a nocturnal animal house. They build a house where you can see the daily life of those animals that live in the night. It’s a chilling but awesome place: It’s really quiet and dark, but you can see the animals. We saw bats, some spider species, and an insect that they call “the murder insect”. It’s an amazing place! Once again, you realise how much effort the zoo staff puts on the animals habitat, so they think it’s home. I don’t have any photos of these animals, since it was really dark.

Visiting a zoo was something I have not done in a long time, and I’m really glad I chose that program to spend my day (it was my birthday). Not only I got the opportunity to observe many animals (and knowledge how big lions really are…), but also was a great learning experience.

I think that visiting a zoo when you are an adult is the same as going to the Disneyland as an adult: You enjoy it better. Because you are fully aware of what’s going on, and you take take to really observe what’s surrounding you. So if you have that opportunity, go watch some animals!

So what about you, what do you think of zoos? Do you leave near one? Do you enjoy it? What about your favourite animal (As I said, turtles for the win!)


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