My dog is 1: 12 lessons I learned about owning a dog

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Of course that this post also features Zoey, my dog.

It was Zoeys birthday this week and I’m one of those persons that celebrates their pets anniversary. (I also made birthday parties for my guinea pig)

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I grow up with dogs. My parents always had dogs, my grandparents from both sides aswell. I know that it’s a lot of responsibility, but I always wanted a dog of my own. The opportunity came and I found Zoey.

She’s a very very veeeery active dog; she has a unique behaviour, sometimes she behaves like a fox (making holes and jumping into them) and she’s a happy dog. Really happy. But she also demands a lot of attention and care.

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There are lessons that I learned when I got a dog:

  1. Owning a dog is expensive. From spaying to the anti flea collar, having a one your life also means having expenses.
  2. You have to dedicate many hours to training.
  3. You don’t feel like getting up and about? Guess what! You have to! There’s a dog waiting to see you!
  4. Only give them food twice a day (morning and late afternoon). Don’t leave the food all day, and don’t give them their dinner befores yours. Dogs have to learn their place, and they are not above you.
  5. Playing fetch will be your hobby. Finding the best stick around will be too.
  6. Prepare yourself to have dog fur in everything. Including you. Lint rollers are your best friend from now on.
  7. Buy a good leash. Not a retractable leash; I had one before I had Zoey so I stick with it for a bit. However, after a few walks, I decided to buy a “normal leash”. Retractable ones will give your dog more freedom and it will be harder to train them how to walk on a leash. Also, it’s not safe: you won’t be able to have your dog under your control/supervision.
  8. Be prepared to deal with injuries. Or is it just my dog? The first time she got herself hurt happened because she was so excited that she started to run and jumping like there was no tomorrow. She hit her paw in one door and the nail fell off.
  9. Your dog will be your best friend. Your baby. So, you will notice that half of your internet history is dog-related. From dog behaviour sites to clothes/leashes/collar sites, you will search everything. I fyou are like you, you will spend hours looking for (and buying) new collars for your dog.
  10. Reverse sneezing is a thing. Although I always had dogs growing up with me, I didn’t knew what reverse sneezing is. The first time Zoey did it I already knew what it was because (coincidently), I spend all of the afternoon searching things about dogs behaviour and I came upon a reverse sneezing video. I thought to myself “Well I don’t think I have ever seen a dog doing it” and Zoey did that at night. If that happens to you dog, you have to keep calm (because your dog won’t feel calm and if he/she senses your stress it will be harder) and put your finger in his/her nose, blocking the air. They will be forced to swallow and that episode finishes. Just remember, it’s a natural thing. It doesn’t mean your dog is having an attack of some sort, but it’s better to go to the vet if it’s constantly. Zoey usually reverse sneezes when she’s dreaming, or when she has a cold.
  11. If you decide to give your dog dry dog food, buy a good brand. There’s a test you can do to see if the dry food you give to your dog has quality. Put a hand of the dry food in a bowl of water. In the next day, if the food swells up/bloat with water then it has no quality. It will do that on your dogs stomach; the dog will feel bloated and it won’t have any nutrients. If the dry food floats but the water is intact then it has good quality and lots of nutrients. Zoey eats the dry food from the brand Dingo, salmon or chicken. Don’t ever give sweets to your dog, it’s poison for them.
  12. Your dog is your best friend. It will be there for you every single day, wether it’s raining or snowing or whatever. Are you having a bad day? Hug your dog! I do that all the time, and believe me, it helps a lot!

What about you, what kind of teachings can you share about owning a dog?

You can read more about Zoey here.


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4 thoughts on “My dog is 1: 12 lessons I learned about owning a dog

    1. It can be scary if you don’t know what is is, I believe that many owners think their dog is having an attack and take them to the vet… Glad to know this helped you to know what was it!

  1. Oh my goodness your dog is too darn adorable. I love that you said he is unique and plays like a fox sometimes I can imagine that is fun to watch. High energy dogs can be so much fun.

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