Hi I’m Misa, and I’ve been make-up free for a month

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and my skin changes are astonishing.

I started wearing make-up when I was 15/16 years old.

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About my make-up routine, I’ve never been an expert. In fact, I never used eyeliner because not only I couldn’t make it look good, I was always afraid of that thing falling off my face in the middle of the day, making me look like a dramatic emo/gothic/whatever. My make-up consisted in a bb cream, some powder, counturning (not too much though), a mascara and occasionally a bit of color on my eyes. I don’t count lipstick as make-up, because it’s something essencial for me, since I like to have my lips smooth and moisturised, and in terms of color I only use a shade (the “barely there” essence lipstick).

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A few weeks ago, as I was looking in the mirror, after cleaning my face, I realize “the power” of the make-up. I have a lot of freckles (which I like) and, although I used bb cream, it covered a lot of them. And personally, I like freckled faces. Not only that clicked but I also realised how much my skin looked unhealthy, without glow, with a lot of open pores, dark circles, etc etc. And does the bb cream protect from the sun rays as they say it does? After a quick research, and after discovering some red freckles on my face last summer, I decided to switch to a proper face sunscreen.

Not only a week had passed and I discovered a lot of changes (for the better)!

  • Time. Man, the time I lost every morning applying my make-up (and it was not even complex!)… Between getting up way early, eating my breakfast in my way to work, or ditching my make up routine to have some quality time in my morning, I decided to break this last option. You don’t realize the ridiculous amount of time you spend putting your make-up together until you stop, trust me. Same for money; you don’t realize how much you are spending on those products.

    I gladly trade make-up for this breakfast
  • My skin looks healthier. A lot healthier. It’s smooth, moisturised, and protected from the sun. My freckles aren’t greyish anymore, they are brown. My pores are closed and not even a single zit appeared (although I have extremely oily skin, zits were never a problem for me, but I though that they would appear after ditching my make-up, don’t really know why)
  • I smell different. Ok this is a stupid thing to say, but that’s what I feel. Maybe the products I used had a lot of its smell and there were a lot of scents involved, but now I only smell monoi, which is my base cream. And it lasts all day long!
  • That natural feeling. I don’t feel that need to cake my face whenever I go out, nor do I feel ugly just because I didn’t put some powder. Instead, I feel natural and good in my own skin, with my freckles standing out on my healthy skin. That helped me building my self confidence (well, building it even higher, since I don’t usually have self-confidence issues).

These are the most changing points I feel now that I’m make-up free. It may not be a lot, but for me it’s been nice and I never realised how much make-up ruins your skin. This is something that I will keep up, and on another post I’ll talk about my current skin care routine. If you are thinking about leaving make-up for good, you have to need a good skin care base routine. And for that, you don’t need expensive products, just a good technique.

Yes, make-up can make you feel really confident and good. But in my opinion, it’s better to feel good in your own skin, not the one you create every day.

Stop relying on such things as make-up is one of the best advices I have to offer. It may look hard at first, but I think everyone could do it. So if you are thinking about it, give it a try. I don’t think you will regret!

If you want to share your experience about skin care or make-up, feel free to do it down below ↓ in the comments section.

See you soon!

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