What to do between classes: 10 tips


Today for the blog post I’m sharing with you what I used to do when I had a gap between my classes. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the schedule they want. For me, a good schedule would be one that had all my classes in line, without gaps. Unfortunately, the great system that we used to make our schedules, was amazing to the point of crashing in the process. That means that making our schedule was a lucky shot, and I ended up having long gaps between my classes.

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School assignment & reading sheets + calendar

As you go through your college journey, you may feel at some point overwhelmed by the quantity of reading and assignments you have to do. The most common words in your mind are “due dates” and then the stress kicks in. That’s why it’s important to write everything you have to do down, so you can organize yourself and fully commit to your study.

Today we are sharing with you 2 free printables; one for assignments and another for your readings. These work as trackers, so you can never miss due dates again!

This download also includes a matching 2017 calendar, so you can print and add it to your binder/notebook and have a full visual image of your due dates.

Feel free to download, comment, share and enjoy it!

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